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Road trip tips from expert roadtripper Willow Logue

By Willow Logue

Spring break is here and for some that means a staycation, a flight to a far off land, or if you’re in my house, a road trip!

This spring break will mark over 25 times we have packed up and taken off. We mostly go north but have made exceptions to go south and as west as San Antonio. This week we are once again heading to the big apple.

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The kids are road warriors but there are a few things we have learned along the way:

Leave early. When the kiddos were babies that mean 5ish. We got a few hours on the road before they officially woke up and need breakfast, entertaining, etc. Now that we are all a bit older we still leave early. It’s nicer to see the sun rise and feel like you have the whole day ahead of you then watch the sun go down after it’s warm rays have made you super sleepy all afternoon.

Fill up. You’re not going anywhere fast if you have to stop in the first hour to get gas. Along the same lines, anytime you stop – go. It’s not always pretty and it’s not always clean but again, better to go then to stop 15 minutes after you have left the rest stop.

Pack snacks. Nuts, granola bars, chocolate, beef jerky, apples, gum, pretzels, etc. Unless you want to be at the mercy of McDonald’s, have a few items that can hold you over until there is a stop you want to make.

Play games. Car bingo, My grandmother packed a bag: good & bad, would you rather, story in the round. Sometimes only 10 minutes pass, but it’s still a nice distraction from the electronics. For us they have become family history, the phrase “dogs too” never fails to get a laugh but you had to have been on that trip to Maine to really get it.

Electronics are good. Most of the time I am strict, but the movie player and redbox have allowed Mr. L and I to have some really nice deep conversations we wouldn’t have had with constant backseat interruptions.

Find local. If you know your route and you have the time,  try to find a halfway spot to discover something new. It doesn’t have to be huge..a great place for ribs? The best chocolate chips in the town? Or enjoy the freedom of knowing there is nothing but Dairy Queen for the next 1000 miles and enjoy the blizzard.

Have fun.  Sometimes the trip is a drag: bad weather, bad traffic, bad attitudes. But, in your car you always have the choice to get out, get coffee and get perspective.

Do you have any tips? Any undiscovered places on I95 worth checking out?

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  • Remember it well….traveling with 5 children! Lots of great memories and some exciting trips. Memories last forever even the ones that turned out not so fun……still memorable. Great tips!
    They do work….I can second this!

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