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Screenagers “Screening” at Landrum Middle School

Raising children in the digital age is frustrating for many parents, where kids can have a completely separate life/world online, that’s challenging to fully follow. It’s hard for some to even understand it, much less figure out what is going on. And, how is it all impacting our kid’s brains?

My boys aren’t quite into the social media world of things yet, outside of a short-lived obsession with MusicAlly (if that counts), but I can’t say they aren’t like little addicts when it comes to Minecraft, or even YouTube, where one of them can watch videos of other people playing games for hours. Lord knows what else he sees on there.

For teens and tweens, social media is a whole other ball of wax. There’s Instagram, and then their are the “secret” Instagram accounts that teens have. And Snapchat…plenty of things that don’t need to be captured, ever. Particularly when those videos don’t really disappear.

Landrum Middle School’s PTO, with the support of PTO community sponsor the Brace Place, will have a one-time screening of the documentary Screenagers next Tuesday, March 28 at 6pm in the Landrum Auditorium for anyone interested in how life with screens is impacting youth, their brains, their friendships, their families.

Screenagers is a documentary that delves into the issue of life with a constant screen in front of you and what the impacts can be. It is the parenting issue of our age and one that pretty much every parent struggles with.

The event is free, but they do ask that you register for a ticket so that they know what size crowd to expect!

Watch the trailer here:

Film time: One hour 6 minutes

Appropriate for adults and kid 10 and older (however, many parents bring kids younger than 10 and are happy they did.)

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