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Senior Living: 5 Things to Know About Senior Living Communities

Remember when your parents couldn’t wait to be empty nesters, have the house all to themselves or maybe even downsize? As kids we rarely give thought to our parents aging and being less independent but realistically we know it’s inevitable. The time will come when we need to take a long hard look at senior living for our aging parents.

There are many things to think about and consider when it comes time to face this reality and you will undoubtedly have an abundance of questions. Many times older adults will be thrilled with the vision of downsizing and moving to a community where they can interact with others their age while taking part in all the activities offered at senior communities. We should, however, be prepared for a parent who expresses fear of losing what they are familiar with at their own home and most of all, fear of losing their independence. Here’s five helpful things to know about making the transition to senior living, what you can expect and hopefully ward of any fears you may be having.

Breaking the Senior Living Stigma

The Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach and Ponte Vedra (Nocatee) areas contain a wide array of senior living communities from active lifestyle independent living with transition opportunities to assisted living and memory care. What is important to flesh out is what is most important to you and your parent(s) when considering making the transition to senior living. Say goodbye to the stigma beliefs that previously noted senior communities as “old age homes” and say hello to amazing, healthy, fun and convenient senior living communities that include housekeeping, social activities, personal fitness, wellness programs, dining and more.

More Social Opportunities

Senior living communities offer a plethora of activities to keep residents busy and active while making new friendships with others of like interests and age. In fact, they may not have time to do everything they would like with a full schedule of fun activities! Senior living communities generally have an onsite activity director who focuses on keeping seniors active and engaged. Activities often times include day trips to local community events as well. Some communities include swimming pools where water activities are provided, pickleball courts, bocce or nearby golf. A large number of senior living facilities have online salons to get your hair and/or nails done too! It’s everything right on-site with no need to even leave the building. Senior living communities offer full apartments with kitchen as well so if you feel like cooking you can do so conveniently or you can head to the dining room to enjoy not having to do the clean up in your apartment.

Feeling a Bit Safer

It’s important to have a sense of security at any stage in life. A good majority of senior living communities offer daily check-in monitoring for residents. Having a good sense of security that your parents are in a safe place is comforting. One that provides 24 hour guest check-in service is even more reassuring. These added comfort features make a huge difference when considering senior living communities.

Gaining More Freedom

Having some added freedom doesn’t necessarily mean needing assistance. The freedom of living in a senior living community can come from not having to do yardwork, no home maintenance repairs and downsizing to a smaller home that is easier to keep clean so you can enjoy the lifestyle you are looking for in your later years.

Less Worry for the Kids

Fact: Parents never want their children to worry about them. Also a fact is children always will worry. Making the move to a senior living community could certainly ease some worries for grown children who will know their parents are in a safe community making new friends and enjoying the senior lifestyle with a packed agenda of activities and making new friends. Your children really do want you to be happy! Moving to a senior independent living community will also provide the security of being part of a community that provides assisted living as well if or when the time comes.

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Jenn Heller is the Operations Manager for The Volen Group, Keller Williams Luxury International, licensed real estate agent since 2004 and writer for the Ponte Vedra Focus Blog. She is an Atlantic Beach resident via Long Island, NY since 1991, a book worm, and loves sports, dogs and the beach.

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  • I appreciate that you explained that every senior could have a chance to choose to live in a community where they could meet new elder people. Last week, my aunt told us that she wanted to live in an assisted living facility because she wanted to live in a more peaceful environment. My cousin asked if I had any idea what could be the best option for choosing apartments. You did a great job explaining the importance of consulting senior living apartments that could help us with our inquiries. Thanks for this helpful article.

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