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Senior Living: Living The Best Golden Years of Your Life

Let’s chat about the move to senior living – it’s a pretty significant decision, isn’t it? Back in the day, it was often driven by necessity, like health concerns or a crisis situation. But guess what? Things have evolved! Nowadays, more and more active older adults are actually choosing senior living communities as a lifestyle choice. They’re all about “grabbing life by the horns” as my dad would say and making the most of the available services, amenities, and opportunities these communities have to offer.

About a year after my dad passed away, my brothers and I found ourselves in the position of searching for a comfortable place for my mom. She’s an incredibly “young” 80-something (shh, I won’t reveal her exact age – she’d be furious!), and she wanted to be close to either me in Jacksonville or my brother in St. Petersburg. At the same time, she wanted to be around people from the “younger-senior” generation, just like herself. So, we started gathering information on senior living communities and what they had to offer. It’s been quite a journey!

The Senior Living Lifestyle

Let’s dive into the senior living community lifestyles. Imagine starting your day with an invigorating group exercise class or a swim in the community pool. Later, you might spend your afternoon at a private show in the community’s gathering room or having a blast at a themed party. And to top it all off, you can enjoy a dinner excursion with friends, have transportation provided for shopping or appointments and take in a few games of bingo. This is the kind of life you’ll find in senior living communities all over the country, and trust me, there are plenty of people just like you who are loving every moment of it!

Whether you’re checking out an independent living community nearby, an assisted living setup, or a Continuing Care Retirement Community (Life Plan Community), you’ll discover residents participating in a whole array of activities, programs, clubs, and committees. It’s not just about staying busy – it’s about having choices that let you do what makes your heart happy, find fulfillment, and thrive during your retirement years. You call the shots, and it’s all about enjoying life to the fullest! Ever since finding a wonderful independent community for my mom, getting in touch with her has become a bit of a challenge. We used to have our daily chats while I was driving home from work – it was a routine! But now, Mom’s always on the go, living her best life. Whether she’s hitting the bingo hall, catching a show, or enjoying a nice dinner at a local restaurant, she’s constantly busy and can’t always pick up the phone when I call. It’s great to see her so happy and active, but it does make me miss our regular catch-ups!

The Senior Living Culture

Now, what makes each community unique is the people who live there. Some communities are all about giving back and social action, while others are buzzing with culture, academia, or outdoor adventures. It’s like finding your perfect tribe!

And let’s get to know the residents – they’re a fantastic bunch from all walks of life! This diversity sparks wonderful conversations that fosters lasting friendships. And here’s a fun fact – most independent living residents are anything but idle. They’re super active and fully embracing life! As I said, it’s nearly impossible to reach Mom at a convenient moment – she’s constantly on the go! You won’t believe how many friends she has made – they’re all so amazing, and now they’ve become our friends too! It’s super fun when I visit her for a long weekend every month. We get to play bingo (which is a blast!), hit happy hour (yup, I said happy hour!), and just hang out with the fantastic ladies who’ve become Mom’s “tribe.” It’s a real bonding experience, and I love being a part of it!

Now, there’s a common myth that moving to a retirement community means slowing down and giving up the good stuff. But guess what? It’s not true at all! In fact, many residents and their families say life actually gets better in these communities. Staying social, active, and sharp as a tack contributes to happiness and overall well-being in your golden years which is exactly what senior living communities are all about every single day!

From socializing and volunteering to working out and more – it’s all right there, just waiting for you! Plus, you’ll get regular, delicious meals, medical care, and a bunch of services and amenities that’ll make your life a breeze. It’s no wonder more and more seniors are choosing this fantastic way to live their best lives. And let me tell you, I find so much comfort in knowing that Mom is surrounded by great friends and is having a blast right in her own building, doing all the things she loves. She’s truly living life to the fullest!

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