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Social Media Deconstructed by a 40-Something


I don’t usually feel old, but my tech age is probably closer to 85 than my real age. I heard or read that texting is the new email – so outdated for getting and sharing information So, I find it helpful when the this thing called the internet can help me navigate uncharted waters.

Snapchat is the newest and therefore most popular of the bunch. Personally, I don’t get it, but thanks to this buzzfeed article I can participate if I want to. This is a great overview of the start of Snapchat until May 2014.

Does anyone not know about Facebook? Doubtful. You probably got to this article via FB. The only questions I have about Facebook are really about etiquette. If someone posts their dog, mother, friend, etc you “like” the post? In real life I would never respond to the news by saying, “I like that.” Didn’t find any great answers but two cute articles about other social media does and don’ts can be found here and here.

Instagram is my favorite of all the outlets, it’s like scrolling though my own curated magazine. I love the aspirational and unattainable. Here is a post with six tips from one of my favorite food bloggers.

For those who tweet, here are 140 things to learn about the company. I am not on Twitter, but after reading the article I think I might have to join. UGH. With all this sharing someone is bound to mess up – publicly. This article was a great warning to the entire family about thinking first about what you post.

I do wonder if maybe by the time the digital natives become adults there will be so much content out there the quality won’t matter. Today people get fired for tweeting the wrong thing, Facebook is how someone checks on you before giving you a job, and some people get hired to be brand ambassadors because of how well done their Instagram feed is. But how will this all look in 10 years? Will no one care about bikini shots, party pictures, rude comments? I don’t know, but for now, I am only posting, tweeting, liking, blogging things that even my grandmother would approve of.

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