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Spirit Journey: Discovering a Path to Your Freedom with Radga McAfee

Warrior 3
Warrior III in front of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teo (second largest pyramid in the world)

I’ve been on a “Spirit path” for about twenty years.  I’ve been through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, physical therapy, marital therapy, energy healing, Shamanic healing, yoga for ten years, meditation for eight years, several spirit journeys, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few others (whew, right?!).  With that said, the most potent thing I’ve ever done was the ancient Toltec journey in Teotihuacan (Teo), Mexico.  For me, this was it.  The aha experience that transformed my life into a more expansive and loving existence. Though everyone’s path is unique and meaningful to their individual life’s circumstances, I’d like to share a little bit about my personal experience and offer to help you with yours. 

Freedom isn’t the goal of the journey…

it’s where the journey begins.

– Krishnamurti (1896-1986)

I found the sharing that occurs within a group setting while moving through the Dreaming Heaven book helps deepens the experience. The book walks one through the live journey of Teo in a detailed, invigorating way with many experiential activities that bring each of us into the act of doing vs simply reading about transformation. I experienced the Teo journey with a group, first by book and then by the live journey in Mexico. Both experiences changed my life. Together we learned to identify and release negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs as they relate to the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and world. We identified and shed our inhibiting masks, stories, and lenses of perception. We regained a strong sense of who we really are, and began to live our lives from within, from our true nature, without the fluff of the monkey mind and falling prey to the crazy world around us.  We learned to stand grounded, centered, and strong in our true nature and connected to All That Is.
Does this resonate with you?!  If the answer is yes, then join me in a small group setting on an exceptionally tranquil, 24 acre private lot as we embark upon this awesome journey later this month (August 2015)!  We will gather for twelve consecutive Fridays, and will move through the Dreaming Heaven book in our own private sacred space.  We will practice yoga in our new yurt (yippee!!), meditate, pray, chant (sing prayers), bond, share, journal, go on silent nature walks, and much more! 

Registration Details:

This workshop series is very reasonably priced at $40 per journey day (per four hour day) for 12 Fridays from 10am-2pm beginning August 28 and running through November 13.  There is limited space and the full, nonrefundable payment of $480 is due at time of registration.  Registration deadline is August 17. Please contact Ragda McAfee ( for more details. Click here to purchase the book, Dreaming Heaven.

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