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St Johns County Proposed 1% Sales Tax Increase

Photo courtesy of a random Google image search.
Photo courtesy of a random Google image search.

Did you know that the St Johns County Commission is exploring a 1 percent sales tax increase that would be voted on in November?  This would be the only item on that ballot.

Without some influx of funds, the county may have to consider cutting from non-essential areas — reduce library hours, cut some evening park lighting etc. — as well as delay infrastructure improvements.

However, holding a a single item election would cost around 200k, according to county officials.  My hunch is only those against the tax would rush out to vote.

While I’m not necessarily opposed to a 1 percent increase (Duval County’s 7 percent sales tax doesn’t stop me from going to Town Center), I’m also not certain the timing is right for a single item ballot in November. Seems like it might be more prudent to wait for the March 2016 ballot where there is no extra cost and potential for a greater voter turnout. Ultimately, I’m still undecided.

And, who cares what I think. It’s just important that as residents of St. Johns County and the bubble, we educate ourselves, and step out and vote (for whatever your preference is) *if* this is put on the ballot in November.

The commission is scheduled to vote on the ballot item on June 16.

Questions? Comments? Leave them here. Or contact your St Johns County Commissioner.

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    Wait till March! Donate the 200k special election cost to education and the library

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