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St Johns County zoning a real hot button issue

Community action at its best.
Community action at its best.

By Gwinn Volen

I love seeing community action, and I love a scrappy sense of humor. The Palm Valley Community Association has been very vocal about it’s dislike of the proposed building height variance for the Resort Lifestyles development on the corner of Landrum Lane and Palm Valley Road. If you are unfamiliar, here’s an article from a few weeks ago.

Since I first heard about their efforts to deny the height variance, Palm Valley activists have been doing a wonderful job of notifying neighborhood associations along Palm Valley road, and generally getting people riled up. Case in point, the awesome drawing above. Brilliant!

The other zoning variance that’s still a hot button issue is the proposed new development at 1044 Ponte Vedra Boulevard. The Ponte Vedra Citizens Against Preferential Zoning for Developers (quite the mouthful there), a grassroots organization, has done a wonderful job of making citizens aware of the situation. The owner/developer of the property has requested a variance to bring in loads of fill dirt when there is allegedly no known hardship or need for it. All other neighborhoods in that section of the Boulevard have had to abide by zoning rules.  For more details on the Boulevard project, see this article from October.

The Palm Valley height variance is up for discussion at the County Commission meeting this Wednesday, December 15, while the Ponte Vedra Boulevard variance is on the Tuesday, January 19 County Commission agenda.

Here is contact information for your county commissioners.

More fun with the cruise ship analogy courtesy of a nearby resident….

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