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Ponte Vedra Traffic Survey…It’s Quick. Take It!

There isn’t a whole lot to complain about with the lifestyle in Ponte Vedra outside of perhaps the fact that it still feels like summer…and it’s October, and then of course….Traffic.

In relative terms, for those who’ve lived in cities like LA or Atlanta, our problems are small. But the increase in traffic over the last 10 years is definitely a nuisance, and it’s doubtful it will get better on its own.

Last Spring, the Citizens Traffic Task Force held a town hall meeting, with great turnout. Read about it here. In follow up to that meeting, they are conducting a survey. It’s quick and easy, and there are questions on it that you likely do care about regarding certain intersections you pass through daily.

Based on the Spring meeting, the CTTF plans to survey two areas: short term solutions (which is what this survey is about), and then long term, 20+ year solutions.

The CTTF is made up concerned citizens, just like you, and they need our feedback to come to a resolution that makes the majority of the people happy.

Click HERE to take the survey.

Ponte Vedra Traffic Survey
Example Question Regarding Intersection of A1A and Solana

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