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The Season is over and we’re back…

By Gwinn Volen

Monday, January 4, 2016. Willow and I are alive. The Christmas and Hanukkah gear is packed away.  The bellies still “appear” full. And my liver is still in shock and begging me to make a New Year’s resolutions. As fantastic as the time off was, I’m ready to get back into gear.

What will 2016 bring to us here in Ponte Vedra? Well, according to emails, many have already tried the new ice cream shop in Sawgrass Village. I haven’t been yet, but I’ve heard fab reviews. Resident Pam Ohno has promised us a photo and review.

There’s also a new restaurant opening over by Brucci’s where Mangroves used to be (Mangrove’s is now full catering). I’ll post a story about that this week.

What else? The discussion on zoning and development continues for various new developments – Landrum/Palm Valley Road, Ponte Vedra Blvd and Corona. And, traffic remains the number one concern for our readers. Clearly only a few have lived in LA and experienced the 405 on well, any given day.

Subway. Fresh, clean and open for business.
Open for business in the Winn Dixie shopping center.

Oh, and Subway recently reopened their Ponte Vedra location in the Winn Dixie shopping center.

No, it’s not a charming organic neighborhood shop, but it’s lunch on the go. They are having a hard time getting the word out, so show them some love!

In close, here’s to an awesome 2016. May Ponte Vedra continue to bless us with sunny days, sweet schools, good people and limited drama.

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