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Vacation Workout

Laughing Lotus Yoga

We typically take off from Ponte Vedra for several weeks in the summer. To get a sense of the place I am visiting, I usually just eat at as many local spots as I can. Recently, food has become less regionally inspired (in NYC last year the biggest trend was fried chicken!) I have looked for locally owned bookstores.  This summer, I added local workout classes to the mix.

In NYC, we did a great yoga class at Laughing Lotus looking out large windows as the sun came up and changed the light on the building beyond. We rode hard with Jaws at Soul Cycle where the pumping beats and rhythmic timing reminded me of the opening scenes of the most recent Mad Max movie. After a long day of driving, we took a warm yoga class in Capital Hill, DC.

The best part of it all, when I went to eat at all the local restaurants, I felt great about indulging in the fried, the cheese, the wine, the chocolate, etc.

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