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We need a logo…

Read the headline to the tune of  the 80’s classic “I need a hero.” Refresher can be found on youtube.

Anyone out there a great graphic designer? Or, do you know one? Want to make over our PVFocus logo? We are looking for something stylish, timeless and yet fun. Maybe even iconic??? Our current logo isn’t doing it for us, and our other attempts aren’t cutting it (as seen here).

Ponte Vedra Focus - Your Community

Please contact us at or comment here.

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  • Hi Ponte Vedra Focus! Sara Trembath here, from Trasca & Co Eatery.

    Two logo designer ideas for you:
    * Gretchen Westbrock of Westbrock Design ( – She’s my best friend and did our Trasca design/logo/website!
    * Jenna Alexander ( – She’s amazing & local (St. Aug).

    Good luck, and let me know if I can assist in any way!!

    • Gwinnvolen
      Written on


      Thanks so much for the info. I somehow missed this message. Funny, literally just had a tasty pizza at Trasca about 20 minutes ago. I need to come introduce myself next time.


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