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Welcome 2017: Local Ideas for Reaching Your Goals

By Willow Logue

I am a sucker for a good list. Letterman’s top ten was a favorite. Gift guides are awesome, and this past week I got lost in the internet reading all the New Year’s Resolutions of my favorite bloggers.

Common Resolution Themes:


Duh. Not new is the idea that if you find something you like you will do more of it. If you haven’t found your perfect place I would recommend checking out Ponte Vedra Pure Barre, Big Fish Yoga, Transformation Pilates or if you are looking for something more intense FIT HIIT has been getting raves.

Eat Better

I tried chia pudding which was decent but not going to be on repeat. I love the idea of giving up sugar but LITERALLY everything I eat has some so that’s not going to work out. I will however add more plants to my diet by shopping at the Palm Valley Farmers Market, the Beaches Market and getting a juice fix from Watts Juicery. Also, since I will be working out all the time (see above -haha) I will also need fuel which means stopping by Trasca for their paninos or great weekend breakfasts. Trasca also carries Watts Juice if you can’t hit two places at once.

Do Good

This is the same as the exercise piece. Find something you care about and get involved,  make a difference…give money, volunteer, speak out. Personally, I will continue to do what I can to support the Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation, PVHS and nationally get my feminist groove on starting with supporting the Women’s March by going to the one in Amelia.

Hope for the Holidays, a Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation Event (Photo by Karen Tyrell)

Connect…Not Online!

Like most people I can get lost in my phone, computer, Instagram, Facebook, etc. But spending time without a device can be really fun. Over the break, we had a chance to try Top Golf.  Since previously I had been told that the lowest score is what you want when playing I think I won or tied with my buddy Gwinn. Needless to say we won’t be going pro anytime soon.

Top Golf, Anyone?

What about you all? Any new places to try in our hood? Other ideas?

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