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Westin Jekyll Island: Shiny and Clean

Photo Courtesy of Westin Jekyll Island

I just returned form a Yoga Retreat this past weekend. Om, it was unbelievable. Two of the top teachers from the Atlanta area led workshops and classes throughout the day. If there are any local yogis who are interested in stepping outside the bubble, contact me. They do retreats twice a year.

More important than the yoga for most locals though, was where it was located – Jekyll Island (just 1.5 hours from here)! I’ve heard grumblings from soccer families about the crum accommodations up there. Well, no more. Starwood has just opened a new, contemporary Westin there — right on the ocean. It’s clean, sleek and peaceful.

Imagine for a minute walking barefoot on the carpet of a hotel room? Picture sitting comfortably on the duvet without fear of stray dander, bed bugs and who knows what else? That’s what you’ll get there!

The hotel had it’s ribbon-cutting ceremony April 20, and it appeared it was slowly ramping up. I’d say the hotel was only at a third capacity whilst we were there. My guess, and hope, is that rates are reasonable for the next few months so others can check it out.

It has a pretty pool and a great staffer named Sal who sets up umbrellas with absurdly comfy chairs on the beach. And, the food was really good. Can you imagine preparing food for 50 vegan, gluten intolerant, purely whole eating women? I’m none of those things by the way, but love to join in on a healthy eating crusade given the chance! More importantly, the hotel rose to the challenge.

I’ll leave you with this photo of courtyard yoga. 🙂 That building to the back will eventually house shopping. Right now there is a bike/beach outfitters shop in there, and a yogurt shop. Click here for the hotel website!

yoga on beach


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