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Wheelhouse: For the Car Enthusiast

Car (and Boat) Enthusiasts. There are plenty of them, spanning every kind of income level. Unless you are a “land person” with room to build garages, finding a secure place to store your investment is challenging.

If you take a look at the housing inventory in Ponte Vedra Beach, Nocatee, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach you quickly discover how rare good parking is. In the under 2M price range, you can find a handful of homes with 4 car garages, but rarely are they suitable for very special cars (and rarely a boat). The parking often involves a tricky K turn, and typically there is a lot of kid junk or teen cars threatening to ding your investment.

Once you go over 3M you start to see homes with 4+ real garages, but not everyone can or wants to make that kind of home investment.

Wheelhouse to the Rescue!

Wheelhouse is a described as a “community built around storing and enjoying your automotive and boating assets.”

I see it as a fancy, and rather cool, place to store and hang out with your car or boat and like-minded individuals (and maybe not that loved one who harasses you about your unexplainable fixation :)).

The storage facilities are highly customizable, and there is even a club house. Wheelhouse is a storage “ownership” concept. Scheduled to open in 2018, it is already 50% sold, which indicates it’s going to be a hit.

It is conveniently located off Nocatee Parkway near the entrance of 20 Mile Village in Nocatee and the large new Gate station. Though still in the early stages of construction, there were no water issues  during Hurricane Irma in case you were wondering. In fact, the finished floor elevation is 17.4′.

Check out these pictures of how you can trick out your space, and see their website for all the details on spaces, availability, location and the overall Wheelhouse concept:

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  • This blog post about “Wheelhouse for the Car Enthusiast” is a delightful read for anyone passionate about cars. It celebrates the joy of having a dedicated space for car enthusiasts to connect, share stories, and indulge in their passion

  • I love this blog! As an avid car enthusiast, I can’t get enough of the amazing content you continually provide. From in-depth reviews to the latest industry news, Wheelhouse has become my go-to source for all things automotive. Keep up the great work and keep those posts coming!

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