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Willow Logue: Our Local Martha Stewart, But Way Cooler

Snazzy chair Willow picked up at EcoRelics
Snazzy chair Willow Logue picked up at EcoRelics

Some of our readers may not know that my co-editor of the Ponte Vedra Focus, Willow Logue, has crazy good style sense. She even has a growing business called Spruce&Quill.

In addition to going to her for advice, she’s my go-to girl for picking through my clothes to give me the thumbs up/thumbs down (and then organizes them by color). If I have a dinner party, she’s the person I call to make things look good. If I have a home decor question, she’s my girl. And, in real estate, she’s what I call my “home stylist.” She takes what people have and makes it look a thousand times better. Literally.

Her latest post on Spruce&Quill caught my eye. It’s about a field trip to EcoRelics in Jacksonville. Read it and tell me you don’t want that bamboo bike too!

Willow’s services are incredibly well-priced. Check out her website and give her a call if you need a spruce somewhere, be it for a party, an economical home redo or maybe a gallery wall hanging as seen below.

Eclectic blend of art tastefully displayed ala Willow
Eclectic blend of art, tastefully displayed ala Willow Logue

You have no idea how hard it is to get a gallery wall right, or maybe you do?

She’s that friend who is good at everything in the home realm. She’s our local Martha Stewart, but WAY cooler.

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  • Jamie
    Written on

    I totally saw the bamboo bike too and it was AMAZE! Someone is bound to scoop that bad boy up!

  • Devon
    Written on

    Aww – love this!!! Willow can definitely do it all – and she does it all so beautifully!!

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