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Yoga for Teen Girls in Ponte Vedra

Could they be cuter?

It took me well into my 30s before I could relax enough to enjoy yoga the way I think it should be. Now that I’m in my 40s, I think of it as the perfect exercise — a little something for my body and a little something for my brain. I often wish I’d discovered it in my teens rather than the joint pounding, body obsessing classes I was offered back in the day. So, what a treat to hear about a yoga program specifically designed for teens.

Claudia Wallace, founder of Horizon Wellness Coaching LLC, is offering a yoga class, “Yoga Girls,” especially created for teenage girls. As any a parent can attest to, most students balance heavy school and extra curricular schedules in addition to the social pressure around them. Plus there’s well, puberty, and all that comes along with that.

“Practicing yoga and breathing exercises can provide a tool for teenagers to find relaxation and confidence in a playful and safe environment. Yoga as a form of meditation in motion offers a practice in relaxation, concentration and mindfulness, which helps students not only on the mat but also in otherwise stressful situation like test taking, peer pressure or competitive sports,” says Claudia. “Plus, the physical benefits of yoga, especially strengthening of the core, increase flexibility and improve balance are significant in every aspect of our their lives.”

“Yoga Girls” is offered every Tuesday at 10 AM during the summer at Integrative Medical Groups / Dr. Ozdemir (Dr. O’s) in Ponte Vedra Beach with fall classes in the planning stages if there is interest. Let’s make some interest! For more information go to

Use next week to try out that summer class and then do your daughters a favor and sign them up for the fall!

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