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Zoning and Taxes, Things You Might Care About

Ponte Vedra Beach Zoning

Per the Ponte Vedra Municipal Services District, there is a meeting tonight, June 12 at 6pm at the Ponte Vedra Library to discuss amendments to certain zoning regulations. If you are interested in building a 10 foot fence, for example, this meeting is for you. Or, perhaps you want chickens in your yard? Whatever your zoning issue, details below.

The Ponte Vedra Zoning and Adjustment Board members will be in attendance at a public workshop held in conjunction with the Municipal Service District of Ponte Vedra Beach at 6 PM on Monday, June 12th located at the Ponte Vedra Beach Library, 101 Library Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082.

The workshop is being held to discuss potential amendments to the Ponte Vedra Zoning District Regulations. Discussion topics include, but are not limited to the following: fence height allowances on lagoons, fence allowances adjacent to A1A, defining adjacency, storage cabinets within utility yards, and clarification of building “stories” as it relates to the average 6′ height limitation. All interested persons are encouraged to attend and provide input.

Please be advised one or more Board of County Commissioners and/or Planning and Zoning Agency members may also be in attendance.  We encourage all MSD residents to attend and participate in this workshop.

Residents Proposing St Johns County Sales Tax

A few weeks ago, the Ponte Vedra Recorder published a great article about a group of residents pushing for a 1% sales tax increase in St Johns County.  The group is gaining momentum, and have now created a website

Before everyone cringes at the phrase tax increase, it’s worth looking at the budget and doing a little math. Current sales tax is at 6.5% in St. Johns County. It’s already 7% in Duval. The state average is 6.8%. Our neighbors in Alabama have an average 9% sales tax, and Georgia has an average 7% sales tax.

Something to think about, and an issue worth following regardless of where you stand.

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