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    Once home inspections are complete, the purchase and sale agreement and any amendments are turned over to the title company.

    In this area, the seller traditionally selects the title company, because they traditionally pay for the owner’s title insurance. The title coordinator will be given your information, and as the close date approaches, he/she will be in contact.

    The title commitment, survey and settlement statement should be delivered a few days before closing for your review. The title company will provide you with wiring instructions for completing the transaction.

    If there are concerns or questions, we are happy to refer you to a real estate attorney for a more thorough review.

    Rarely are there issues, but it’s important for you as the buyer to see that any requested repairs have been made and nothing of significance has changed in the home since the offer.

    Day of closing. If you are remote, the title company can easily do a mail away. If you are local, we’ll be there with you at the closing table. With cash transactions, you will be in and out in 15 minutes. If you are doing a loan, you’ll have a few more documents to sign and will need to wait for the funds from the mortgage company to clear. Typically it goes smoothly, and if there are bumps, don’t worry. Most things can be resolved.

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