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Old Palm Valley Real Estate in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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Old Palm Valley in an established neighborhood in Ponte Vedra Beach. This non-gated community located off of Palm Valley Road is home to about 80 families. The community features a wonderful park near the entrance. Rumor has it they have some fantastic block parties, residents activities and Halloween is a big event here. Old Palm Valley is centrally located in this seaside community within close proximity to the beach just 7 minutes away, The Lodge & Club just 10 minutes distance or The Inn & Club just 15 minutes drive.

Real Estate In Old Palm Valley, Ponte Vedra Beach

Old Palm Valley is a nice moderate price point. Homes in the Old Palm Valley neighborhood range from 3-5 bedroom with 3-4 baths and tend to be larger homes with an average of 2,400 square feet. Styles of home also vary from contemporary to colonial style.

In 2022, the real estate in this Ponte Vedra Beach neighborhood saw a median sale price of $662,500 with just 13 median days on the market.

Old Palm Valley Schools

Old Palm Valley is part of the A-Rated St. Johns County School District:

There are many private school options available including:

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