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Oceanfront Real Estate in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Ponte Vedra Beach oceanfront real estate is some of the finest in the entire state of Florida. The white sandy beach is not only beautiful but highly sought after by residents and new residents coming to the area. The coastline varies as you move south along the where in some spots the beaches feel flat and wide open. This is true for the area in and around the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club and The Lodge & Club. As you move down Ponte Vedra Boulevard towards Mickler Road, the homes are further back from the ocean with a higher grade, and the lots become wider. Heading into South Ponte Vedra Beach, the homes again come closer to the ocean with a bit of a drop to the beach. Wherever you are looking, you can be guaranteed to find some luxury real estate.


The schools in Ponte Vedra Beach, part of the A-Rated St. Johns County School District, rival the top-ranked schools in the nation making St. Johns County very attractive for new families coming to the Ponte Vedra Beach area. There is also an assortment of private schools available in the area as well. If you are looking for high-end real estate at a more reasonable price with schools that rank as well as those in San Marino, California or La Canada, California, Ponte Vedra Beach is definitely worth a look.

There are many private school options available including:

Real Estate

The real estate market in Ponte Vedra Beach is definitely in high demand. It’s no surprise considering the incredible lifestyle, close-knit community, vibrant clubs, and beautiful beaches that residents get to enjoy here. Many people are flocking to this area to escape the cold winters and take advantage of the flexibility to work from home. Executives, in particular, are making the move south to escape high living costs elsewhere. In fact, the Jacksonville area, which includes Ponte Vedra Beach, was ranked among the top two hottest housing markets in 2022. The affordability and robust job growth in the region are attracting more and more snowbirds to head south.

If you’re someone who loves snow, Ponte Vedra Beach is definitely not the place for you. We haven’t seen snow in Northeast Florida since December 1989! However, if you’re looking for endless sunshine and the beach right outside your doorstep, then the oceanfront lifestyle in Ponte Vedra Beach is an absolute dream. There’s something for everyone along the oceanfront, whether you enjoy leisurely walks on the sand, water activities, or simply soaking up the breathtaking views. If you’re new to the area just know there are shark teeth on the beach too. You just need to know how to search.

The real estate along the Ponte Vedra Beach oceanfront is in high demand as well. In May 2023, a remarkable sale took place at 1329 Ponte Vedra Boulevard. This stunning modern oceanfront residence, which was near completion, sold in just 44 days for a record-setting price of $16,250,000. Gwinn Volen, a real estate agent from The Volen Group at Keller Williams Luxury International, had the privilege of representing both the seller and buyer in this exceptional transaction. Gwinn describes the property as one of the most beautiful oceanfront homes in Ponte Vedra Beach, with its sleek, modern design and impeccable craftsmanship.

So, if you’re looking to invest in Ponte Vedra Beach real estate, it’s a perfect time. The market is thriving, and the oceanfront properties are highly coveted. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this flourishing community and enjoy the incredible lifestyle that comes with living by the beach.

Oceanfront Condos in Ponte Vedra Beach

Oceanfront condos in Ponte Vedra Beach are highly sought after by those wanting to downsize with less maintenance so they can enjoy the carefree oceanfront lifestyle. Along the Ponte Vedra Beach oceanfront north of Mickler Road there are condo communities a short walking distance to the clubs of Ponte Vedra Beach including, The Retreat, The Breakers and Ocean Manor.

South of Mickler Road is The Ponte Vedra Beach oceanfront condo options are limited to Sea Hammock formerly Old Ponte Vedra Beach condominiums. Sea Hammock is an amazing gated community just east of Mickler Road on A1A offering a variety of two to four bedroom floorplans. This oceanfront community is nestled on 24 acres of pristine ocean frontage with an Old Florida feel. Sea Hammock is home to 109 condominiums just east of the Guana Lake Preserve and sits between Sawgrass Country Club and Vilano Beach.

Oceanfront Homes in Ponte Vedra Beach

The coastline of Ponte Vedra Beach stretches approximately 20.3 miles from just north of the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club to south past Mickler Road down A1A Coastal Highway into South Ponte Vedra Beach. A drive down Ponte Vedra Boulevard into A1A will give you a glimpse of homes of varied sizes, architecture and tenure. Many homes through the years have been take down and new, glamorous homes reconstructed on the frontage. When many buyers have difficulty in finding their newer home on the ocean they opt to purchase an oceanfront property with an older home on the lot at a lesser value with the intent to take down the existing home and build their brand new home.

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