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Sawgrass Island in Sawgrass Players Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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Sawgrass Island in Sawgrass Players Club, Ponte Vedra Beach

Sawgrass Island, located within the esteemed Sawgrass Players Club, stands as the epitome of exclusivity. This prestigious enclave boasts 56 ultra-luxurious homes, each occupying spacious lots spanning over one acre. Indulge in picturesque vistas of the renowned Valley Course and Stadium Course, where the harmonious blend of water and golf views creates a truly enchanting ambiance. Immerse yourself in seclusion found in Sawgrass Island where breathtaking panoramas and an air of elegance reign supreme.

Sawgrass Island Real Estate

These remarkable homes, constructed between 1989 and 2007, offer a range of living spaces, spanning from 3,240 square feet to an impressive 8,000+ square feet. Whether you desire a 4+ car garage, proximity to The Players Clubhouse, or simply aspire to indulge in luxury living, Sawgrass Island is the destination of choice.

Exit through either of the Sawgrass Players Club’s gates, and you’ll find yourself in close proximity to a bustling shopping center, replete with a grocery store, shops, and restaurants. The amenities you desire are mere minutes away, ensuring convenience and accessibility. Should you seek a day of extensive retail therapy, a short 15-minute drive down Butler Boulevard will lead you to the vibrant St. Johns Town Center. This location is a traveler’s dream, as it offers the perfect balance of proximity, with the airport a mere 40-minute drive away, while immersing you in an entirely different world within the captivating Ponte Vedra Beach.

In Ponte Vedra Beach, you’ll be surrounded by grand gated communities focused on golf. Within minutes, you’ll have access to six distinct golf courses, allowing you to indulge your passion for the sport. The area’s meticulously maintained roads adorned with palm trees, Mediterranean-style shopping centers featuring tile roofs, and the overall suburban beach atmosphere combine to create an idyllic setting. Ponte Vedra Beach is renowned for its allure and continues to captivate potential buyers seeking a well-established community with an abundance of amenities in the area.

Sawgrass Island Homeowners Association

Sawgrass Island is part of the Sawgrass Players Club community. Each of the 16 neighborhoods or communities, referred to as sub-associations, operates as an independent homeowners association with its own set of governing documents. These sub-associations appoint their own Boards and management companies to handle neighborhood matters and ensure compliance with community rules. To cover the costs of maintaining common properties and administrative expenses within their respective neighborhoods, the sub-associations collect dues from their residents.

In addition to the sub-association dues, all neighborhoods are part of the Master Association and are required to pay master dues. The Master Association is effectively managed by the Marsh Landing Management Company.

Sawgrass Island is professionally managed by Total Professional Association Management who oversees all the common area management, maintenance, association bylaws, rules and regulations and HOA dues. Contact information for Total Professional Association Management is:

Property Manager
Mike Murray, Property Manager

Tom Rowland, Jr

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