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Seawalk Real Estate in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Seawalk in Ponte Vedra Beach is a community of 80 homes just off of Ponte Vedra Boulevard. Homes for sale in Seawalk are unusual. The neighborhood is loved by the residents and is something of a Ponte Vedra secret. Why? It’s property east of A1A at a price that is affordable.

The community has deeded beach access, and all residents get a key to the beach gate. There is also a “secret” gate out of the back of the neighborhood which allows for easy access to A1A. There is also a gated community pool for the area.

Here is a link the HOA page.

Nestled discreetly off Ponte Vedra Blvd, the Seawalk neighborhood shines as a hidden gem in the vibrant Ponte Vedra Beach community. What sets it apart is the exclusive private beach access conveniently located just across the street from the neighborhood. By residing in this coastal haven, you can forego the burdensome initiation fees and annual dues associated with beach club memberships. Living right by the ocean becomes a daily privilege.

Seawalk Community and Culture

Upon entering the neighborhood, a tranquil and secluded street gently guides you through a serene environment enveloped by nature on both sides. The sights include marsh bunnies, a diverse array of Florida birds, and even turtles, among other captivating creatures.

Discover the essence of waterfront coastal living within the Seawalk community, featuring 80 homes thoughtfully constructed around a serene lake, accompanied by a community pool. These residences were built between 1989 and 1998, offering a variety of sizes ranging from 1,474 square feet to 3,573 square feet. Some lucky homeowners even enjoy the scenic backdrop of the marsh, which forms part of the esteemed Guana Preserve.

The community features deeded beach access and all residents possess a key to the beach gate plus a gated community pool is available for the residents’ enjoyment. In addition Seawalk stands out with its unique back gate that provides direct access to A1A. This convenient passage ensures swift and effortless trips to nearby grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. Moreover, it enables residents to reach J. Turner Butler Boulevard (JTB) within minutes, opening a gateway to prominent locations such as the St. Johns Town Center, Downtown, and the Airport.

Seawalk Schools

Seawalk residents are privileged to be part of the highly regarded St. Johns County School system. Students living in Seawalk and attending public school are zoned for the following schools:

There are many private school options as well:

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