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The Pointe at Ponte Vedra Beach Real Estate

The Pointe in Ponte Vedra Beach is one of the most coveted communities in Ponte Vedra. Condos for sale don’t come on the market in The Pointe that often, and when they do, they go quickly. Why? Location and convenience. The Pointe is located in Old Ponte Vedra and is the only condominium community in Old Ponte Vedra proper. Residents love the short walk to the beach and the lock and leave aspect of having a condominium in one of the best parts of town.

Community and Culture

There’s so much to love about living in Ponte Vedra Beach especially proximity to the beach. The tight knit resort town has become a hot spot for those looking for the golf, resort, beach and all day, everyday vacation lifestyle. Living in Ponte Vedra Beach is truly living the vacation life 24/7. While not losing its suburban feel with defined neighborhoods, Ponte Vedra Beach has established itself as the third best city to live by the Chamber of Commerce. One of the biggest drivers to the area is the A-Rated School District of St. Johns County. Parents electing for public school have the peace of knowing their kids are being taught by the best of the best in the area.

Residents of Ponte Vedra Beach truly embrace the “work here, live here” element. In a small town made up of several club memberships, residents have options to choose from based on their invidivual needs. The Ponte Vedra Inn & Club offers a walking proximity for the residents choosing to downsize for convenience, less maintenance and more free time when they move to The Pointe at Ponte Vedra Beach. The Pointe at Ponte Vedra Beach is

About The Pointe Condominiums

The Pointe Condominiums contains two phases (Pointe I and Pointe II) on the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club’s renowned Ocean Course and Lake Vedra. Best selling features of The Pointe are the proximity to The Ponte Vedra Inn & Club as well as quaint, easy living in the only condominium community within Old Ponte Vedra proper. The floorplans available in The Pointe are large enough to be comfortable but not so large that it is too much to care for without feeling like a lot of work. It makes it simple and easy to enjoy what matters most in life when you live in paradise! The Pointe at Ponte Vedra Beach is made up of two phases each with its own community association and different floorplans.

Pointe I

The Pointe I is made up of 40 total units of two-story condominiums. Four of the units are two-bedrooms and the remaining are three-bedrooms. Floorplans range from 1400 – 2000+ square feet. Most of the Pointe I units include garages, and there is also general, unassigned parking as well.

Pointe II

Pointe II units are flats located at the front of the community made up of 18 total units of spacious three-bedroom units. The wonderful layout of the units gives the owner a sense of living in a single family home. Owners also have the added convenience of an attached two car garage.

The Pointe Real Estate

Condos in The Pointe at Ponte Vedra Beach sell quickly when they come on the market. As of Spring 2022, the median list price in The Pointe was $975,000 with a one year listing price increase of 24%. In 2022, listings in The Pointe at Ponte Vedra Beach spend only 2 days on the market which is 50% faster than in 2021.

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