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    There is a built in 10 day home inspection contingency in the Northeast Florida purchase and sale agreement.

    The inspection period is your time to really dig into the home and evaluate all areas.

    Typically inspections here in Northeast Florida are a general home inspection and a termite or WDO inspection. A general home inspector tests and inspects all major appliances, heating, cooling, mechanical, roof, electrical and plumbing. If there is a well or septic field buyers often get those inspected by a separate inspector. Pool and pool equipment is traditionally inspected by a pool company if the buyer wishes to have this done. Oceanfront property may warrant a soil or environmental assessment. If there are special concerns, some buyers will have a mold inspection.

    Ask your friends and neighbors about their experiences and for recommendations. We can provide you a list of frequently used vendors for inspections if necessary, and we will be there with you during all inspections to talk through any possible surprises or concerns.

    Once the home inspection is complete, the buyer is entitled to request repairs. This can be a challenging part of the purchase process. Traditionally, buyers should be asking for material issues to be fixed. This is an important time to be reasonable and patient and keep the big picture in sight.

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